Boat Insurance: The Ins and Outs of Surveys and Inspections

Boat insurance surveys and inspections are important steps in the boat insurance process. Insurance companies often require surveys and inspections to assess the condition and value of a boat before providing coverage. These surveys help determine the risk associated with insuring a particular vessel and can impact the premium and coverage options available.

Boat Insurance Inspection Survey

About Boat Insurance Surveys & Inspections


The primary purpose of a boat insurance survey is to assess the condition, seaworthiness, and value of a vessel. Insurers want to ensure that the boat is well-maintained, in good working order, and poses minimal risk of accidents or damage.

Surveyor Qualifications

:Surveys are typically conducted by marine surveyors who are trained and certified professionals with expertise in evaluating boats. It’s essential to hire a surveyor who is recognized and accepted by your insurance company.

Types of Surveys

There are generally two types of surveys: pre-purchase surveys and condition and valuation (C&V) surveys. Pre-purchase surveys are more comprehensive and conducted before purchasing a boat. C&V surveys are typically required by insurance companies and focus on assessing the boat’s condition, value, and insurability.

Inspection Process

During a survey, the surveyor will thoroughly inspect the boat, both inside and out. They will assess the hull, deck, mechanical systems, electrical systems, plumbing, safety equipment, and overall structural integrity. The surveyor may also conduct sea trials to evaluate the boat’s performance.

Survey Report

After the inspection, the surveyor will provide a detailed report outlining their findings. The report includes information about the boat’s condition, any deficiencies or recommended repairs, and an estimated value. This report is crucial for insurance underwriters to evaluate the boat’s insurability and determine the coverage terms and premiums.

Insurance Requirements

Insurance companies have varying requirements for surveys and inspections. Some insurers may request surveys for boats over a certain age, length, or value, while others may require surveys for all boats. It’s essential to check with your insurance provider to understand their specific requirements.

Ongoing Surveys

In some cases, insurance companies may require periodic surveys for older vessels or boats with a significant increase in value. These surveys ensure that the boat remains in good condition and that coverage is appropriate.

It’s important to note that the specific requirements for surveys and inspections can vary between insurance companies. It’s recommended to contact your insurance provider directly to understand their specific survey requirements and any associated costs.


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