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Our team of certified professionals will thoroughly evaluate the overall condition of your boat to ensure that it meets all the safety and USCG operational standards. We are committed to providing thte highest quality marine survey report as possible.

Marine Surveyor in South Florida

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We are Marine Surveyors with over 20 years of experience in the Marine Industry and service all of South Florida and the Florida Keys. We survey boats of all sizes, makes and models. Center consoles, yachts and small crafts are our specialty. We also offer out of state and international surveying.


Our objective is to provide a high-quality professional inspection for your needs in the marine environment. We are dedicated to helping boaters in a fast, efficient, and courteous manner. The results of the boat inspection will be provided to you in a comprehensive report, complete with recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance.

Types of Marine Surveys

Boat Pre-Purchase Inspections Survey

Marine Surveyor Center Console Boat in the Florida Keys

Pre-Purchase marine survey is a comprehensive inspection of the vessel to determine its overall condition and structural integrity. Included in this inspection is the hull, deck & topsides, overall appearance, electronics, plumbing, electrical, propulsion, safety and much more. 

The Importance of Having a Boat Inspection

Boat Insurance Survey/Inspection

Marine Surveyor for Insurance

Insurance marine survey is performed so the insurance company can determine whether the vessel can be considered a good insurance risk. They are interested in the vessel’s overall condition, the structural integrity, compliance with Coast Guard regulations, and the safety of the vessel for its intended usage.

Boat Insurance: The Ins and Outs of Surveys and Inspections

Boat Refinance/Finance Survey

Loan Application for Marine Surveying and Boat Purchase

The Refinance & Financing survey is performed for the purpose of bank financing of your vessel or refinancing an existing loan. This includes examining the structural integrity, mechanical systems, and overall appearance of the boat. The inspection process will provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision about the financing of your boat. 

Protect Your Investment – Why Boat Inspections Matter

Boat Valuation

Marine Surveyor Yacht Florida

The purpose of a valuation survey is to establish the vessels current market value in its current condition. The valuation is based on recent selling prices of similar vessels of similar type, size, year, manufacture, overall condition, construction, mechanical power, and equipment. Also, the local market values of, BUC, NADA and other available material.

Boat Valuation: Factors to Consider When Appraising Your Watercraft

Boat Mechanical Survey

Marine Surveyor Mechanical Survey

Mechanical Survey is an inspection of the vessels’ engines. This can consist of a range of tests such as compression tests, computerized engine scans, visual inspection, lower unit/gear oil check, oil samples and more. A thorough mechanical survey is critical for anyone looking to purchase a boat or ensure the longevity and safety of their existing vessel.

Boat Infrared Structural

Infrared Marine Survey

Coast 2 Coast Marine Surveyors uses state-of-the-art FLIR thermal imaging cameras to thoroughly assess the structural integrity of your boat & inspect the vessels hull for moisture and structural integrity.  The cameras allow us to detect even the smallest of temperature variations, which can indicate areas of damage or potential problems.

Marine Survey Service Locations

Boat and Vessel inspections in these South Florida locations and surrounding areas.  Contact us to find out more available locations. 

Out of State and International surveys available.

Coast 2 Coast Marine Surveying for all your Boat Inspection Needs

Boat & Yacht Surveys for these Popular Brands

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School of Fish
When it comes to getting a marine survey done, this company is top of the line. It could be a last minute request and they will find a way to make it possible. They have completed well over 10 surveys for me and everyone could not be pleased more.
Jake M.

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I needed a last minute survey, so I called this company at 7am and they arrived within an hour. The surveyor was knowledgeable, professional, and took the time to understand my concerns and answer all of my questions. I highly recommend this company!
Leloni with Coast 2 Coast was absolutely amazing! Very professional and straight forward. She was able to tell me what was wrong with the boat right away which tells me she knows her stuff! She treated me like family and will treat you with your best interests in mind!
Mason M.
Best survey company around. I’ve used them for over 10 boats and each time they have been nothing but professional. I highly recommend them to anyone who’s looking for a marine surveyor.
Tanner H.
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